Prevent Counterfeiting in China

We work directly with the Chinese government to prevent, deter, and eliminate counterfeits of your valuable products and brands.



In partnership with the PRC government and major commercial stakeholders, US Authentic Trading evaluates consumer partnerships that facilitate the import and sale of global brands within mainland China via our established purchasing and distribution platforms. We currently on-board and prepare select US brands to sell their products via our accelerated channels.



USAT maintains an extensive network throughout China, spanning both corporate and top level government relationships. We work with thought leaders and power brokers at the forefront of China’s economic transformation to solve the dual problems of counterfeiting and market penetration, massive pain points that undermine the accelerating demand for high quality consumer brands, healthcare products and services, medical technology, and pharmaceuticals within the ascendant Chinese middle and upper classes.

Our solution represents a paradigm shift in security, social marketing, and culturally informed brand creation as well as top down healthcare marketplace access. We go beyond protecting our brands to build a self-reinforcing cycle of growth, available as a premium turnkey solution. You don’t need to trust China: you can trust us.

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Secure Warehousing, Customs, and Distribution

End-to-end control, from factory to consumer.

E-commerce 4.0 Sales and Marketing Platform

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KOL-Driven Demand Generation and Education

The most sought after KOLs, the best brands, the most passionate consumers.

What we Do


USAT possesses unprecedented access to the Chinese healthcare market via direct submissions to national hospital procurement tenders, bonded duty free warehouses, exhibition centers for pre-FDA and/or pre-CFDA device sales, China FDA accelerated approval channels, clinical trial implementation and patient access, educational services for Chinese physicians, capital investment from PRC to name a few. USAT is able to implement market access strategies, spanning a broad range of medical research networks, medical treatment and device technologies, biological and molecular pharmaceuticals, institutional and education services and inroads for the emergent field of global e-medicine and regenerative medicine including gene therapy and cellular therapy.

Dr. Michael Edwards M.D. PhD—co-founder and CEO of USAT—specializes in the fields of genetics and regenerative stem cell therapy. He’s spent the past decade developing an extensive network of researchers and officials within the Chinese healthcare ecosystem, and is a world leader in facilitating the flow of this specialized knowledge between East and West. Most notably, this has taken the form of a partnership between the Chinese government and the USAT team to create an advanced centers for the development and training of next-generation e-medicine practices and technologies at the new Hawaii Bioskills facilities. These relationships will be further cemented at the Hawaii Health Span Summit which will held in May 2019 bringing in the world leaders in Regenerative Medicine and Public Health from China and the West to bridge relationships between participating countries scientists, technologists, physicians, institutions, educators, and corporations.

Medical Devices

We possess relationships with an extensive (national level) procurement network, with demand for devices ranging from medical IoT to imaging hardware. We also have the ability to accelerate CFDA approval for our medical device clients.


By way of exclusive partnerships, we have the capacity to supply and distribute Western pharmaceuticals to the China market at the national level. We also have the ability to import pre-CFDA pharmaceuticals.

Healthcare Services

We are currently developing multiple Western standard collaborative healthcare facilities throughout China, combining cutting edge technology with luxury amenities.

Institutions and Foundations

USAT has developed extensive relationships with institutions and foundations spanning the US and China. We facilitate the alignment of interests across cultural barriers that otherwise require years of nuanced negotiation.

Medical Services & Education

Through our partnerships with the Chinese government and US academic institutions, we are developing extensive infrastructure for developing e-medicine technologies and services.


Consumer Goods

Within China’s notoriously chaotic markets, USAT provides a network of trusted partners capable of expedited and secure importation, brand development within the Chinese media and social landscapes, and distribution within both cutting-edge mobile and brick-and-mortar facilities spanning the entire nation.

USAT possesses exclusive rights for US partnerships seeking to leverage these platforms, and can therefore ensure that our family of brands maintains its standards of quality and integrity while scaling their presence within China. Furthermore, our partnerships with the Chinese government allow for expedited trademarking processes and the efficient management of conflicts with those who seek to infringe upon foreign brand identities before market entry.


We provide the Chinese market with the highest quality US cosmetics, free from the pollutants and toxins commonly found in counterfeits, while protecting brand identity.


USAT is committed to facilitating the import of high quality nutraceutical products, incorporating insights from the frontiers of integrative medicine that appeal to both Eastern and Western sensibilities.

Consumer / Patented Technology

USAT helps entrepreneurs, SMEs, and MNCs sell intellectual property protected products into China.

What's Happening

Events and Updates

Health Span Hawaii: Nov 3-5

The Health Span Hawaii Summit brings together the finest minds currently working to extend Human Health Span. Topics include current and future developments in regenerative medicine, digital/precision health, public health and others, with a focus on the Scientific, Applied/Clinical, Public Health and Policy, and Business/Philosophy segments. The Summit will also introduce participants to new approaches to designing, promoting and paying for future health innovations, and will offer an unprecedented opportunity to connect and collaborate with health industry leaders from The East and the West on creating the future of health, now.

Xiekang Healthcare company (USAT Client) launches in mainland China at Japan China Healthcare Summit.

USAT-Unihealth's Medical Technology Display Center: Successfully Launched!

On Nov 7th, 2019, the strategic cooperation launching ceremony of USAT-Unihealth Medical Technology Display Center was successfully held in the second China International Import Expo. The event was hosted by Shanghai Waigaoqiao International Trade Operation Center Co., Ltd., the strategic partner of the Display Center. Mr. Yao Qing, Chairman of UAST-Unihealth Medical Technology Display Center, attended the ceremony. 

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