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China, with its 1.4 billion population and rapidly expanding affluence, is a market which every global-aspiring company must consider entering or strengthening their existing presence. Yet for most US and European companies the prospect can seem daunting:

How do you market and communicate your products, strengths and values effectively? Especially in highly technical sectors such as Healthcare and Technology? Whom can you trust? There are a lot of consultants claiming high level connections and access, yet the vast majority ultimately disappoint and accomplish little or nothing. How can you market dynamically and effectively if your goods are counterfeited or your company's very essence, its brand names, logos, its DNA, is copied or mirrored?
The Answer: You need to talk to us -- US Authentic Trading Co.

Call us. Meet with us. Speak then to our clients and partners. We do exactly what we promise and will work closely with you every step of the process. China has rules and regulations, customs and practices with which we are intimately familiar. Our teams in the US and in China will work with you to give your company every opportunity to succeed in this dynamic, essential market. We will not guarantee you success, but do guarantee that we will give you the access and guidance you need to give your products and business every chance of winning in the Chinese market.


Fields Texas



dB Diagnostics


PeelAway Labs


Universal Medical Testing


Endonovo Therapeutics

Ceterix Orthopaedics



Fortus Medical


Velocity Orthopedics

Universal Medical Testing

Medical Devices & Equipment

Three large multinational corporations dominate the Western supply of Medical Equipment to the Chinese hospital and clinic system. We help your company compete on a level playing field with these Giants and access the national hospital system tender process directly, In addition our duty free USAT Display and Procurement Center in the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone will allow up to 50 companies to show their goods to hospital buyers with our professionally staffed salespeople assisting. Soon we will be adding new Display and Procurement locations in Shenzhen and Yunnan. We are your turn-key solution to entering in the China Hospital marketplace with additional support in customs, registration, CFDA approvals, and physician education.

These are some of our current partners in this category, and we are adding new clients every week so please reach out to us for a discussion.

Formula 168

Dr J

Health & Wellness/ Consumer Products

We are partners with WuJei, a vibrant social mobile sales platform, linked to powerful KOL networks and TV programming, that guarantees the authenticity of every product it curated list of products. In addition, we have bricks and mortar access through Chinese pharmacies to sell your products off line direct to consumer or for product display for on-line sales support (O to O). Our anti-counterfeiting capabilities are particularly relevant and valuable to our Consumer Product partners, as is our expertise in protecting their IP in China. We have a closed system with our own cross border duty free bonded warehouse in Kaiping to support importation of our cross border brands.

Our current partners include [Dr. J, Formula 168]

Antos Environmental



Clinical Care

This category includes such treatments as Fertility Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Structural Cardiology, Minimally Invasive Orthopedics and Diabetes Management in both in-country clinical support, medical tourism, and/or eHealth mechanisms. We assist with hospital medical tourism programs linking prestigious hospitals and clinics in the West to the best funded hospitals in China which require their advanced services. We are working on programs for e-Health, such as telemedicine and telepharmacy, to bring Western physician expertise and know-how to the Chinese patient population virtually.

Our partners include major hospitals and e-Health alliances.

Hookui Pharmacy Solutions

Hookui Pharmacy Solutions


We are bringing FDA and EMA approved pharmaceuticals into the Chinese hospital and clinic system with no middlemen. We also facilitate CFDA approval and market directly to the buyers who dispense your products to hundreds of millions of patients in their hospital networks. We are able to import medications even prior to CFDA approval.

US Medical Technology Association

Global Future Health Summit

Gravity Healthcare

Future Health Alliance

Public Health

This category includes certain elements of e-Health as well as Chronic Disease Management, Geriatrics and Health Sciences-such as Nursing Care and Physical Therapy. As noted, we have direct connections with Government-run initiatives and facilities to coordinate our clients' efforts to offer their products to the broad Chinese population with a focus in improving Chinese Public Health.

Health Span Hawaii

Shadow Factory


Mobile Medical Records Association

Institutional Education

We consider the sharing of information and skill sets to be a core part of our mission to foster an enriched dialogue between the West and China for the benefit of all populations. As such we are training doctors and nurses and hosting conferences such as Health Span Hawaii to encourage fast track progress in the field of Healthcare and the sharing of clinical data in advanced fields such as Regenerative Medicine and Cellular/DNA Medicines. We are also active in the cross-education of Western students in China and Chinese students in the US and elsewhere. Partners include Hawaii Bioskills, Holo Anatomy and Health Span Hawaii.

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