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The US Authentic Executive Team
Michael Edwards Director of Global Strategy

Co-Founder, Dr. Edwards brings to bear combined medical, business, and scientific expertise as CEO of US Authentic Trading Company.

  • Expert at introducing complex healthcare brands, services, and technologies into the PRC economy having successfully navigated international regulatory compliance issues across a broad spectrum including commerce, services, & virtual communications software platforms, National Public Health linked & integrated projects, and laboratory, surgical, & medical products and technologies sold directly to hospital systems, facilities, and institutions.
  • BS Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and Economics: Yale College, 1986-1990

    MD PhD: National Institute of Health (NIH) Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), 1990-1999

    PhD Human and Molecular Genetics, Discovery of Cyclin K and Biochemical Characterization

    Thesis Advisor: Stephen J. Elledge Professor of Genetics Harvard Medical School

    Residency and Fellowship: Integrated Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Program Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Medical Center, 1999-2005

    Discovered and Developed Intra-operative Nerve Monitoring based Neuropathy Microsurgery, 2005-2007

    Founder of Foundation for the Permanent Elimination of Nerve Pain and Disability, 2007 to present

    Founder of Mobil Medical Records Association: First Human Data Sovereignty Non-Profit, 2011 to present

    Founder of Gravity Healthcare: Disruptive Healthcare Data Platform partnered with Wistron ( ), 2012 to present

    Advisor Chinese Central Government in Healthcare and Public Health, 2015 to present 

姚青 Robert Yao Chairman – Medical Technology Display Center
  • Chairman
    USAT-Unihealth Medical Technology Display Center
  • Founder
    Unihealth brand
  • President
    Shanghai Unihealth Pharmaceutical International Trade Co., Ltd.
  • President
    Shanghai Nuowente Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Senior Advisory
    U.S. Medical Technology Association
  • Advisory
    Nordic Business House Senior
  • Supervisor
    Shanghai Association for Science and Technology
  • Expert
    Shanghai Academician Expert Science Popular Annotator's Guiding Group
Kim Daniels Corporate and Client Communications Director
  • RN, BSN
  • Principal Consultant at Health & Retail Consulting, LLC
  • Project Manager/Client Relationship Manager, Origenetics, LLC.
  • Associate/Executive Assistant, Fields Texas Limited
  • Former Outpatient and Inpatient Cardiovascular Re-hab Clinician, Mississippi Baptist Medical Center 
  • Former Charge/Staff RN, Cardio Intensive Care/Recovery, Mississippi Baptist Medical Center
  • Former Staff and Charge Nurse in the Oncology Unit at Wesley Medical Center 
  • Recipient of the Grady and Aileen McCool Scholarship, Mended Hearts Chapter 76, for outstanding nursing in cardiac field
Lucia Fields Head of New Business Development
  • Partner, US Authentic Trading Company
  • RN, BSN, Diplomat, ABAAHP Fellow, Stem Cells ABAARM
  • Managing Director of Origenetics, LLC, and FutureHealth Alliance, LLC. 
  • Served on staff of Mississippi Baptist Medical Center as a Staff/Charge nurse of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care and Recovery Unit
  • Established one of the first ambulatory infusion centers to provide chemotherapy services to cancer patients outside of a hospital setting. 
  • Obtained her Certified Registered Nurse Intravenous (CRNI) certification 
  • First R.N. to complete a Fellowship of Stem Cell Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine.\
  • Served as a Director for Four Corners Sourcing, LLC, a sourcing and product development company based in China, representing retail and manufacturing clients in North America and Europe with a global staff of more than 100 employees, facilities around the world, and a leadership team experienced in the areas of product development and marketing.
  • Lucia also serves as a Director for Fields Texas Limited, LLC
Barbara Krutchkoff Head of Cell / Biologics Division & Director of Regulatory Affairs
  • Executive Director of the Institute of Regenerative and Cellular Medicine,
    and Chair of the IRCM IRB, which provides support for translational
    research and validation of regenerative therapies.
  • CEO of Humanity Fund/A3Cell consultancy, for 25+ years has provided
    support for biomedical start-up companies.
  • Chief of Scientific Affairs for Lipogems US, Dr. Krutchkoff successfully
    navigated regulatory pathway and gain US FDA approval, find funding and
    national distribution for an international start-up.
  • Currently serves as advisory board member of a number of companies
    including; Personalized Stem Cells, RareCells, Klotho Therapeutics, DaVinci
  • Board Certified Diplomat and Fellow of the American Academy and Board
    of Regenerative Medicine (AABRM).
  • Stem Cell Fellow American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).
  • Post Doc/Stem Cell Fellowship at Bruno Peault lab, UCLA.
  • Graduate studies in Biomedical Engineering.
  • Doctorate in Functional Medicine.
  • Adjunct Lecturer at Universite Paris Descartes.
  • Design and oversight of over 400 clinical studies.
Maria Isbell Graphics/Presentations
  • Branding and Corporate Messaging Consultant at Shecansell,com
  • Professor, Visual Communications, Graphic Media Production, ACC
  • Marketing/Creative for Fields TX, LLC, FutureHealth Alliance, and Origenetics, LLC
  • Former Vice President of Sales, Training and Business Development at PRIMEDIA
陆国民 Lu Guomin Expert Advisor
  • Vice Chairman and Director
    China Medical Education Association Medical Digital Education Committee
蒋凡 Jiang Fan Expert Advisor
  • President, JP
    Australia China Culture & Education Exchange Centre Pty Ltd (ACCEEC)
顾维康 Gu Weikang Expert Advisor
  • Former Director
    Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration  Certification and Evaluation Center
  • Vice President
    Shanghai Licensed Pharmacist Association
  • Chief Representative
    Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration in the Free Trade Zone
姚高 Michelle Yao China Operations – Laboratory Project Manager
  • USAT-Unihealth Medical Technology Display Center Operation Management Team
岳伟 Yue Wei Expert Advisor
  • Former Department Head
    Medical Device Supervision Department of Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration
  • Professor
    Advanced Research Institute of China Food and Drug Administration
谢敏强 Xie Minqiang Expert Advisor
  • Former Deputy Director, Bureau Level Inspector
    Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration
  • Visiting Professor
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University
黄纪晔 Huang Jiye Expert Advisor
  • Former Director
    International Cooperation Department of China Food and Drug Administration
  • Honorary Director
    China Center For Pharmaceutical International Exchange
汪致重 Wang Zhizhong Expert Advisor
  • Chairman
    Shanghai Sun flower Public Welfare Foundation
王尊锁 Edward Wang Expert Advisor - Convenor
  • USAT-Unihealth Medical Technology Display Center Expert Advisory Team
  • Former Director
    Trade Administration Office of the Ministry of Commerce, PRC
Harrison Chau Logistics

Co-founder of two successful companies in Papa Chau Foods and Vita Canyon, Harrison Chau is a distinguished graduate of the W.P. Carey School of Business. A keen strategic thinker, Mr. Chau specializes in performance improvement and has previously consulted with small and mid-cap companies as well as emerging startups across all stages of company growth in the areas of work management, operations improvement, technology-enabled business transformation, business case analytics and program management.

Thomas Fu US Operations – Board Member
  • Board Member
    US Authentic Trading Company
于蓓兰 Maria Yu China Operations – Business Coordinator
  • USAT-Unihealth Medical Technology Display Center Operation Management Team
周向阳 Iris Zhou China Operations – Office Director
  • USAT-Unihealth Medical Technology Display Center Operation Management Team
沙斌 Sha Bin China Operations – Director, Comprehensive IP Protection Office
  • USAT-Unihealth Medical Technology Display Center Operation Management Team
林谋武 Lin Mouwu China Operations – Chief Legal Officer
  • USAT-Unihealth Medical Technology Display Center Operation Management Team
  • Certified Practicing Attorney
  • Member of Shanghai Attorneys Association
  • Director of “Exhibition Law Practice” Research Center
吴斌 Wu Bin China Operations – Registration and Compliance Chief Advisory Officer
  • USAT-Unihealth Medical Technology Display Center Operation
    Management Team
  • Shanghai Nuowente Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. CEO
  • Licensed Pharmacist
Richard Chau Founder - USAT

Richard Chau is a non-executive Co-Founder of US Authentic. a US Citizen

  • Mr. Chau has successfully owned and operated multiple international hotels in Vietnam as well as a multitude of other businesses since the early 1990’s. From 2003 to 2008 he was CEO of Equitable Investment Group, LLC, which developed luxury residential real estate in California. Since 2004, Mr. Chau has been the owner and CEO of Truong That Co., a commercial and residential real estate development company in Vietnam.
  • Highly sought out for his integrity and vast Asian Rolodex, Mr. Chau has consulted with major global corporations and many ultra-high net worth individuals as they enter into the Asia market from the West or into the US market from the East.
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